(from WTIT: The Blog archives during 2007) We do not know
why this question popped into our brain today, but it did. We
thought it would give me a chance to tell you something about
some of our friends,besides me, who were or are WTIT DJs.

Most of my close friends, have recorded on WTIT. Now while
his is NOT a list of my closest friends, these were the most
talented guys on Tape Radio during WTIT Tape Radio’s first
forty-five years. To add perspective, if you check out WTIT.
net you’d count close to 33 DJs have been considered staff,
with probably another ten having recorded with WTIT some
even listed at times. Let’s give it a go!

JUMPING JOHNNIE WALKER started recording in 1968 and
along with me navigated all the changes to our group to make
what it is WTIT today. Johnnie can do it all. He was our WTIT
News Anchor from 1985 to 2015. His biggest talent, besides
just having a great sense of humor are his dialects. Johnnie
can literally do ANY accent. My favorite example of this was in
a show called “The Horrid Experiment”. Johnnie playing a
female introduces himself as “Juanita” to a guy she meets. In
the middle of the bit his accent shifted from Spanish to Italian.
Without missing a beat Johnnie said, “I donno wotts going on.
Sometimes I’m Spanish and sometimes I’m Italian. I think I’ll be
Italian.” To which Billy, playing the part of the boy she just met
merely said, “I do like meatballs”. Johnnie is still one of my
best friends to this day. Johnnie has moved back to Colorado.
While we are sure  miss him, we hope that he will be
happier nearer to family. He'll be back here (at least
occasionally - we hope!)
Top shot: 2015 Bottom: 1970

joined WTIT in 1985. He was on
the first tape of what I call "the modern era", so he met  
Bouncing Billy during that recording session. He then really
took over Bill’s spot in our new line-up. Cos became the
Weather reporter (as was Billy) during our newscasts. My
favorite line of his was, “Tomorrow will be so bad that a hole
will open in the planet that will suck every living creature into
the molten lava in the center of the Earth. The outlook for this
weekend: Sunny and pleasant.” Cos also called himself the
WTIT Science Editor. He would always tell us a scientific
equivalent for the tape number on which we were recording.
Cos’ most recent appearance was at the 30th Anniversary
Party in 1997. Cos attended Bud’s 60th birthday party and his
wedding to Kathy on October 20, 2012. He is in our yearly
photos (in addition to his years recording) in 1995, 1997
(recording at our 30th - his last tape to date), 2001, 2011 &
Top shot: 2012  Bottom: 1986

joined  WTIT shortly after our 20th
Anniversary Party in 1987. He is still with us and now has
been at WTIT over 25 years himself. Rock has done some
great work with us. He excels when doing the “Commentary”
on the WTIT Newscasts. He general can tangle an issue to
such a degree that he will asks listeners to write to him and
explain his own point of view. After giving a very strong
opinion he might add “but I am not really sure, and I could be
wrong.” Rock has the private eye character that he named
“Dain Bramage”. Naturally he is a bumbling detective and the
character has  been a great piece of Rock’s arsenal. Rock is
also a musician who has recorded with Jeff Pevar. Rock has
written a lot of jingles that WTIT uses in its “ad spoofs”. Rock
is one of the six of us who have recorded in our current
studio, Studio 33 1/3 which opened in January of 2012.
Top shot: 2012  Bottom shot: 1987

is Rock’s younger brother. He is
simply the most talented DJ that has ever recorded with us. He
can do it all. He is also a musician. Midnight is the only
member who has directed shows other than I. Midnight does
do accents well and almost immediately understood Tape
Radio without much help. His first recording stint on
WTIT was from 1988 to 1996. Here's an example of his wit: He
played a Greek visitor in WTIT’s spoof of “Bonanza”. I played
Ben Cartwright and asked Hoss to make sure two of the
servants were out of the guest room, implying they were
having a homosexual affair. Midnight as the Greek said, “No
Ben. Why don’t you and I do it? It will remind me of home.”
Midnight's return for the recording of our 40th
Anniversary Show in 2012.
 Top shot: 2012  Bottom shot:

recorded with WTIT from its
very first tape in 1967 through our first tape of what I refer to
as the modern era (or that might be error) in 1985. It was a
big night. WTIT was relaunching with The Cosmic
Commando. We asked Billy to join us, either to return or just
help Cos. We never heard from Billy again after that night. Or
so we thought. Billy’s first go round were the years from 1967
to 1985. Billy had a ironic wit. He was the king of the “aside”
joke. Sometimes it wasn’t until we heard the recording back
that we realized what Billy had said. Billy was always very
funny. Billy and Bud recorded WTIT’s first tape. On August 23,
2013 Billy returned. He and Bud had met for drinks a couple
of weeks earlier. It was their first time together since that 1985
recording. The first "Bouncing Billy Brewer Show" was
recorded in 2013, some 28 years after Billy’s last appearance.
Billy has rnot missed a session since.
Top shot: 2015  
Bottom shot: 1974

was with WTIT from its
second recording in 1967 to our 15th Anniversary show in
1982. Gary was one of the brightest people I have ever met.
He could be deadly serious when talking politics or about life.
He was very clever, as well. One of my favorite series of lines
Gary wrote was in a show called “The Bounty Hunter”. Gary
had become sheriff in a small town when of course, the shit hit
the fan. Another character (played by Billy) asked, “What are
we going to do?” Gary replied, “How should I know? I knew I
shouldn’t have taken this job. For that matter, I shouldn’t have
taken this role.” Gary has appeared in WTIT Staff Pics for
celebrations in 1995, 2011 and 2012. In July of 2014 Gary
read on our Facebook page (facebook.com/WTITRADIO)
when we were recording that month. So for the first time since
1982, The Galloping Gary Garage return to WTIT. He drove
up from D.C. with his son, Gary Jr., to see his 92 year old dad.
Bud said it was one of the biggest surprises of his life. When
Gary knocked on the door he simply said, "We are recording
tonight, no?"  
Top shot: 2014  Bottom shot: 1970

actually begin to sit in for our recording
sessions since we started in 1967. That first year he would be
known as our “chief engineer”. He actually appeared
occasionally, but did not become a DJ until he and Johnnie
Walker officially joined in June of 1968. At that point (although
we didn’t realize it for a couple of years), we became what has
since been known as “the Original  five” WTIT DJs. I met Joe
in fourth grade. While we created comedy Gyps was one
thing: silly. He’s played a woman (as he did as Juliet in
“Romeo & Juliet”) and occasionally would forget to raise his
register. He’d always have a quick quip to explain it, or just let
the laughter of the rest of us subside and move on. Gyps’ final
recording was in 1974. Thanks to facebook, we’re in touch.
Gypsy Joe phoned in to WTIT’s 45th Anniversary Show in
2012. In June of 2014 Gypsy invited Billy, Johnnie & Bud over
for a reunion of sorts. Gypsy's food was fantastic. It had been
20 years since Johnnie & Bud had seen him and nearly twice
as long for Billy. We're all just happy that through Facebook
we are in common touch.
Top shot: 2014   Bottom shot:
It seems right here, on Gypsy's HOF page we should share
the story of what appears to be our last night with him.
the first time since 1973, 4 of the original 5 DJs partied
together. It was on June 27, 2014. From left: Bud Weiser,
Gypsy Joe, Johnnie Walker & Bouncing Billy!