In April 2019 Rock &
Bud tried to summon
the troops for an
extra session. But it
was what we like to
call a two person
setup is the "I
It's the first session of
2019! Bouncing Billy is
on the left, Gregarious
Greg is center and Bud
to the right. This studio
sucked because we had
such a small room. (That
will all change soon.)
This photo is from
January 2019.
Our May of 2019 session. We do get silly
at times. Bouncing Bill is standing, Greg in
the left (your left) chair as Bud does
guitar. Since he only knows 3 or four
chords is was to like Jimmy Page was
Our session in July 2019. This would be our last
session in Rockville. We just played some great
music and updated the stories of our lives. From
Left: Bouncing Billy, Bud Weiser & Gregarious Greg.
We moved to Bloomfield on 9/9/19.  When we left
Enfield we pointed sadly at the sign. From Rockville
(CT) not that much. Bud & his wife sold their house
in Enfield and moved to a small apartment to the
Rockville section of Vernon. But a very lucky
situation happened so Bud & Kathy bought a home
similar to the one they sold.
Our new "Jumping Johnnie Walker Studio". We agreed
that after Johnnie's passing that we would alway use
that name. Thanks to Bud's wife Kathy, we bought a
real sign on Etsy. In this photo from October of 2019.
Our latest session also opened our "forever studio". The
location of the home to be in the next town for Rock &
Greg, and cuts Billy's drive from 45 minutes to 15. It
also cut Kathy's commute in half. The new home is a
raise ranch very similar to their Enfield home.
But for the
first time since 1992, we our five miles from our
original studio  in West Hartford. From October of 2019.