A trio for our January 26, 2018.
session. We didn't do any comedy
but The Gregarious Greg show was
a lot of fun. It also was the second
recording since moving to Rockville
and first time Greg has been to the
new studio. If you think it looks
like our last studio, that was the
point. We left Enfield, CT in Sept.
of 2017. Bill is to Greg's right and
Bud to his left.
The first session of 2017 and the start of the 50th Anniversary year of WTIT. Midnight (far
right) returned for the first time since 2015 at Johnny's farewell show. Bud is to Midnight's
right followed by Rock and Bill (far left). The next session was our 50th Anniversary, which has
its own page on this site.
It's Billy & Bud for our
4th Tape of 2017, the
June 24th session. This
was the first after the
50th Anniversary show.
They did their best
scripted commercial for
the two in quite a while.
It was for a local pawn
shop called "Good Ole
In the "I Formation", it's Billy & Bud for
our August 19, 2017 session. Our spot
spoof this session was "Maxi-Viagrate"
which involved duc tape & popcycle sticks.
We know. You can't beat that. Beware of
splinters. We have two more session
scheduled, but we may be in a new studio
since Bud's house is under contract and
should close in September. So a new
studio will be "crowned", so to speak. In
this pick they point to the studio's name
plate, for its last session, "Studio 33 1/3."
It just so happened that the session
number of the last recording before
the 50th Anniversary Show was 598.
It seemed fitting to use Tape 600 for
the 50th, so an extra session was
needed. Bill wanted some time with
Johnnie since we hadn't seen him
since his move to Colorado in 2015.
So this extra session, Tape 599
served both purposes. The idea was
to come up with ideas for the party &
anniversary show. We came up with
two ideas, one of which got produced
on the 50th. (Bill left, Johnnie & Bud)
Our session in March got moved to April 27, 2018.  We just play some
great music and updated stories in the lives of WTIT DJs. Standing:
Bouncing Billy. Seated: (left) Bud Weiser (right) Gregarious Greg.