1967  Bud Weiser, Galloping Gary, Bouncing Billy, Sid Schaefer & Gabby Linger
With: Dynamic Dick & Nicky Bocker

1968-1973  Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker, Bouncing Billy, Galloping Gary & Gypsy Joe
With: Carter B., Teddy Q, Bull Durham, Benny Hedges, Hunt Winklee, Michael J., Jack Daniels & Ken Kolt

1974-1975    Bud Weiser,  Bouncing Billy, Galloping Gary, Many Miles & Gregarious Greg
With: Johnnie Walker, Al “Tonto”, feat. Roscoe & Bruce Freeman

1976-1982   Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker, Bouncing Billy, Galloping Gary, Gregarious Greg & Ken Kolt

1982-1986   Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker, The Cosmic Commando, Bob Smirnoff & B.B. Bacardi
With: Bouncing Billy & Jack Daniels

1987-1988   Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker, The Cosmic Commando, Rock Rolling & B.B. Bacardi
With: Bob Smirnoff, The Midnight Plowboy, Mic Dry, Al “Tonto”, Carter B., Teddy Q, The New Guy & Gregarious

1989  Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker, The Cosmic Commando, Rock Rolling & Mic Dry

1990-1997    Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker, Rock Rolling, The Midnight Plowboy, Harvey Wallbanger &
Captain Morgan
With: The Cosmic Commando, Gregarious Greg & Sam Buca

1998-2011   Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker & Rock Rolling
With: Harvey Wallbanger

2012- 2015   Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker, Rock Rolling, The Midnight Plowboy & Bouncing Billy
With: Gregarious Greg, Galloping Gary & Harvey Wallbanger

2016-present  Bud Weiser, Rock Rolling, Bouncing Billy, The Midnight Plowboy & Gregarious  Greg
(with at our 50th) Galloping Gary, Captain Morgan, The Cosmic Commando & Johnnie Walker.*

*This would be the final appearance from our dear friend Johnnie Walker. Johnnie passed away on July 14, 2018. His
last photo shoot, of course, as well. Johnnie & Bud were the best of friends. If it weren't for Johnnie, WTIT would
have ended on its 15th Anniversary Party in 1982. After we signed off for "the last time" Johnnie said to Bud, "This
isn't our last time around the WTIT table. We have way too  much fun. In 1985 Johnnie & Bud looked to recruit a
supporting cast. We were lucky because we found them. Bud & Johnnie had to replace Gary, Gypsy & Billy. And while
Billy came to that first night it didn't stick. But he would return in 2013 for good. The original five never recorded
again together after 1973. The closest we got was in 2014 when Galloping Gary surprised us for his first show since
1982. We had four originals and the guy whose already been with us 30 years, Rock Rolling. In 2017 we would have
9 WTIT DJs for the 50th Anniversary Show, 4 of the original 5 and every significant DJ but Gypsy who has health
complications. We aren't as good as we were before he left for Colorado, so a week ago Bouncing Billy tried to talk
Johnnie back. Billy said, "I don't think he's coming back. But then there was the hope. Rest in Peace, Johnnie. You'll
live on here for forever, perhaps...
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50th - (top left) Johnnie Walker, Bud Weiser, Bouncing
Billy, Gregarious Greg & The Cosmic Commando
(seated) The Midnight Plowboy, Captain Morgan,
Rock Rolling & Galloping Gary Townsend