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From our 50th Anniversary Show & Party: (Top left) Rock Rolling, Bud Weiser,
Gregarious Greg, Captain Morgan, Bouncing Billy & Johnnie Walker (Bottom left) The
Midnight Plowboy, The Cosmic Commando & Galloping Gary
Standing on our deck overlooking a CT State Park (from left) Johnnie, Bud, Bill, Greg & Cos -- Kneeling on our
deck overlooking a CT State Park(from left): Midnight, Captain, Rock & Gary - 167 acres of trails and a river and
again now, why are we selling?
Johnnie Walker
We met Johnnie in the summer of 1968. He ran into a
former teammate, Gypsy Joe Grillo that afternoon. He
joined WTIT and other than Bud, he appeared on the most
tapes and comedy bits. Our hearts broke as we got word
from his ex-wife & children. He was a great guy who
stood with us for over 50 years. We can't explain the
depth of our sorrow. Rest in peace, Johnnie, you will
always be in our hearts.