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From our 50th Anniversary Show & Party: (Top left) Rock Rolling, Bud Weiser,
Gregarious Greg, Captain Morgan, Bouncing Billy & Johnnie Walker (Bottom left) The
Midnight Plowboy, The Cosmic Commando & Ga
lloping Gary.
More from Our 50th-
Standing on our deck  (from left) Johnnie, Bud, Bill, Greg & Cos
Kneeling on our deck (from left): Midnight, Captain, Rock & Galloping Gary
We lost our great friend Jumping Johnnie Walker on July 4, 2018.
He was one of our original five. Words cannot express our sense of loss.
Other than Bud, no one was with us longer. No one was more talented.
Here were the guys at his "Celebration of Life" Ceremony in October at the Hartford Golf Club.
(from left: Greg, Billy, Midnight, Bud, Cos & Rock)