1972 Bud summer 5-8PM.  Summertime 1972, I got a call from an Emerson buddy,
Bill Barry.  He got me my first commercial radio job, at WMLO.

1972-1973 Bud weekends.  Finished college working at WHYN & then WBIS.

1973 Bud Weekends.  The station that made Mike Toscano famous.

1973-1974 “Rockin’ with Bud” Mid-days.  Great station.  Album rock, and we
picked out our own music.  Wayne Norman did mornings (and still does!) and is
now a really a radio legend along with his UConn sports casting.  Terry Lee did
afternoons and Les Morrell evenings.  Check out WILI’s Website.  See “history”   

1974 Summer   Gary Morgan PM Drive.  The “other” Springfield Rock station in the
70’s. Staff included PD & Morning Guy Kevin O’Neill (Brownell)

1974-1975 Gary Hunter Evenings.  Part of the original staff that included:
Lou Terry (mornings) Kent Clark (Mid-days) Bob Marx (PM Drive)
1974-1975 Con-current with WRCQ & WCCC.  Instructor at CSB.

1975    Gary Hunter PM Drive.  Hired by Rusty Potts, I was a jock at the station 30
years ago when it switched to album rock.  Recently, I was on-air with Mike
Karolyi to reminisce about those early days.  

Gary Hunter.  Was all set to take over morning show when I caught laryngitis
during my week long audition.  Now that sucked.

1975   Gary Hunter Program Director/ Mornings.

Dialtone Disco
1975-1978      Gary Hunter.  Six nights a week.  Hired jocks for three clubs.

1977 Did fill in during Dialtone years. Most notably doing morning drive during
that jock's vay-kay.

WIOF Magic 104  
1989 Returned to on air working part time for Jack Carney, shortly after Lou Terry
passed away.

1989-1990   Mornings.  “Mike and the Hunter”.

1991-1992.  Sales.  Sales Manager finalist, which means I didn’t get the job.  So I
left.  Gary Craig & Damon Scott are still there. They made sales easy.  Great
personalities at events.

WPOP - MAGIC 104; STAR104.1, Radio 104
1992-1995 Sales (& a ton of production) and Sales Manager.  Bob Lang, Lee
Gordon, AJ Austin, the late Judy Jarvis, Jeff Katz, Steve Spencer, Cary Paul,
Frankie B., Missy Robinson, Eddie Roland, Tammy Rabbet & many more.  Great
place to work.

Lewney Toonz Comedy Club   
1992-1993 Gary Hunter.  I warmed up the crowd for the comedians during my Star
104.1 era.

Con-current with Radio 104 & WPOP. Sales.  Picozzi & the Horn.  Litch.  The
station is “a waste of a signal” currently. (The River?  Please…)  Liberty
Broadcasting killed this station.

1995-1996  Sales Manager. Working at WBCN was a horror show.  The jocks were
extremely hard to work with.  The PD was a Roman God.  Or Greek.  Sales people
didn’t matter. The Sales & General Manager lied.  Everyone was paid well.  But
there was no communication.  THE worst.  Great call letters & so it sounded good
at the time.

1996 Account Manager.  Opie & Anthony were the morning guys.  They were great
to work with.  John Osterland was terrific also. Wrong time, I had to move back to

1997.   Sales Manager.  It had to end sometime.  Gary Girarde’s station would be
where it ended for me.